At a very early age, Carmen puts in contact with the hairstyle world, where she studied year by year specific hairstyle working techniques. Starting From the magnificent town of Catania, she soon realizes that her strong creative spirit needs more incitements, diversified clients, not only a beautiful town, but also an artistic and fashionable city. Carmen decides to move to Rome, where she works for an important salon in the city centre of Rome.

Moreover, she attends a series of workshops and refresher courses, enabling her to increasingly perfect her passion for her work as hairdresser. She starts working in close collaboration with Mimmo Laserra who immediately wants Carmen by his side, challenging and testing her. Mimmo poses hard challenges to Carmen who overcomes them with her determination, so that she gains Mimmo’s confidence. Director of the Roman hairdresser salon, Carmen has a series of clients who allow her decide their look. From Rome to the workshops at the International Salon in London, Carmen pursues her long career where she plays a key role and she distinguishes herself for her marked Made in Italy and her dedication towards her job.